Julie is a producer, writer and director.

She has produced many short films and music videos.  She has written two spec pilots and eight feature-length spec scripts.  Her production company, Red Tape Productions, is actively involved in producing short films, music videos, and albums of comedy Christmas music from the Big American Winter Holiday Musical Spectacular, which she co-wrote with Diego Hellewell.

Her latest short film, Moving Day, won an Award of Recognition from the IndieFEST Film Awards and a Special Mention at Global Shorts in the spring of 2018.  It had its world premiere at the I Will Tell International Film Festival in London September 1st, with another showing at the companion festival in Florida in December.  Julie wrote, produced and directed the film.

She’s a produced writer, with multiple short films and music videos to her name.  More details can be found on her Writing page in the Experience tab.  Please contact Julie for more details.

She has also directed short films and music videos, many of which are in the Short Films gallery.  Her various resumes can be found on this site as well.

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