Julie grew up all over North America in places like Naperville and Batavia IL, Montreal QUE and Longmont CO. She attended Dixie College where she intended to study pre-med but soon discovered her love of acting. After she graduated cum laude, she transferred to BYU where she earned another acting degree. The next day she moved to Los Angeles where she’s resided ever since.

Julie has been active in various forms of entertainment through the years. In addition to keeping up her acting skills in films, television, musicals and Shakespearean productions, she has sung in and conducted various choirs, and even performed bubble magic at private parties. She has sung with many of the top trailer music companies, and you’ve likely heard her voice in the previews’ background choirs enticing you to see the latest blockbuster (hers is the highest voice of all!).

Julie has also been producing shows for years.  She has put on many stage plays – both straight plays and musicals – and has even written a few of her own.  She also produces live events, including parties, conferences and a film festival for three years.  She is focused on producing film now, with quite a few short films under her belt and a feature in the works.

Another of Julie’s skills is writing.  She has written two stage plays, three music videos (and the songs they’re showcasing), five short films, one television pilot, and five feature films.  Two of the feature films are optioned by Hollywood producers.

As a director, Julie has helmed a few short films, but is now entering the realm of directing music videos.  She has one done and two more on the docket.

She has also dived into the Audiobook world.  She has narrated two books and has contracts for four more.

Check back regularly to see what’s new!  Individual demos and resumes can be found in the tabs at the top of the page.

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